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Shooting Fatalities Reported in Jacksonville Florida Video Game Tournament

Shooting Fatalities Reported in Jacksonville Florida Video Game Tournament This afternoon news broke that a mass shooting had occurred in Jacksonville, FL during a video game tournament. Early reports from the streaming event indicate that there was at least four fatalities and eleven people injured. The team from Action Legal Group will be sharing more information as it becomes available. Questions? - Call Us Now - 24/7 ...

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Southeast DuPage County Residents Hurt by Dangerous Gas

Southeast DuPage County Residents Hurt by Dangerous Gas Records indicate that the residents of one area of Southeast DuPage County are nine times more likely than someone living in almost any other Illinois county to develop cancer. This sad reality has been found to likely be due to ethylene oxide, a fumigating gas that has been found to be far more dangerous than was previously thought. The gas has been employed for years by Sterigenics to fumigate pharmaceuticals, medical instruments and food to kill bacteria and pests. The company began to be investigated last year after the community popped out on...

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Killer Cop on Trial in Chicago

Killer Cop on Trial in Chicago Tension in Chicago, IL has hit a high as former police officer Jason Van Dyke goes on trial in Chicago for the 2014 death of 17 year old Laquan McDonald. The victim in this shooting, a black youth, was shot 16 times by the white officer and the story made headlines when Mayor Rahm Emanuel failed to spearhead a charge to release police footage. Footage was not released to the public for more than a year, sparking concern that there was a top-to-bottom cover-up and eroding most positive relations between the Chicago police and local...

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Police on Leave After Beating Caught on Video

Police on Leave After Beating Caught on Video Newly released video footage appears to add police in Mesa, Arizona to the ranks of law enforcement using undue force on an unarmed individual. The video opens with a Mesa officer exiting an elevator onto the deck area of an apartment complex. A Mesa-area resident, Robert Johnson, is seen on the video leaning on a railing and checking his phone. Footage showed Johnson being surrounded by police while he continued to check his phone. The officers appear to talk to him for a few moments, they then grabbed Johnson and began a physical...

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Weekend Gun Violence at House Party

Weekend Gun Violence at House Party The injuries and insecurity associated with gun violence made headlines Sunday morning when news of gunfire erupting at a house party in North Hollywood hit the web. The incident began when Los Angeles police were called to the site of the party to deal with an apparent noise complaint, but were instead met with people fleeing the residence as multiple gunshots were fired. Five people were shot at the scene and two people suffered injuries expected when people rush out of a building. Bullet casings recovered from the scene indicate that there was likely more than...

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Police Coercion in Super Aggravated Sexual Assault Case

Police Coercion in Super Aggravated Sexual Assault Case The application of coercion is always a matter of control and it has not been quite so blatant in recent headlines as a case in which a Texas sheriff’s deputy was held for “super aggravated sexual assault” of a 4-year-old child. The authorities indicate that the victim’s mother, an undocumented immigrant, was being blackmailed to maintain her silence regarding the abuse or face deportation. Jose Nunez, a detention officer with the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, was arrested while he was off-duty after the frightened mother took her daughter to a fire station for...

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Ohio Police Officer Abuses Power

Ohio Police Officer Abuses Power The abuse of power by law enforcement officers knows no bounds, as was proven once again when Lorain, Ohio police officer John Kovach made the choice to deal with family drama by detaining his daughter’s boyfriend for no reason. This case of police abuse of power is particularly troubling when you learn that the Makai Coleman, the detained boyfriend, is African American and Kovach established a plan which required he digitally track his daughter’s computer and was outright recorded via dashboard camera telling Coleman that he was willing to create a reason for the arrest. The officer...

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Las Vegas Hotel Files Suit Against Massacre Victims

Las Vegas Hotel Files Suit Against Massacre Victims The parent company of Mandalay Bay has filed suit against more than 1,000 people who survived a massacre in which a gunman opened fire on a concert crowd. MGM Resorts International argues that it has no liability of any kind in the attack, but states that the fillings are meant to provide a timely resolution for those who were affected. The lawsuits are not seeking payouts from those who were injured but instead ask the courts to agree that the company is shielded by a federal law known as the SAFETY Act. To learn...

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Tourism Turns Into Tragedy

Tourism Turns Into Tragedy The death toll rose to 17 in a Branson, Missouri lake where a duck boat filled with tourists to the area capsized and subsequently sank in stormy weather. Local authorities indicate that 17 bodies have been recovered, and that the boat had held 29 passengers and 2 crew members at the time of the incident. Intentional negligence was not mentioned in the report, but winds had been gusting up to 65 mph and the boats have a history of causing tragic deaths. The team for Action Legal Group can help if you are injured on what should be...

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New Mexico Bus Crash Sparks Second Investigation

New Mexico Bus Crash Sparks Second Investigation Emerging news regarding the July 15th bus crash in New Mexico indicates that one passenger amongst the nearly 30 people who were injured when the bus rolled, was hit by another vehicle and then sideswiped by by a semi, was carrying almost $100,000. The discovery of this money prompted a separate investigation. State police investigators from New Mexico are working to reconstruct the accident scene which involved a total of five vehicles as federal authorities work to collect data from the commercial vehicles. Questions? - Call Us Now - 24/7 ...

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