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Our partner firms are more than just law firms – they are litigation firms. They litigate all cases in a court of law to ensure maximum compensation for clients and their families. Their extensive experience, knowledge and dedication to helping the catastrophically injured has helped us recover more than $450 million for our clients, with dozens of cases exceeding $1 million.

Our Results

$44,700,000 verdict – police misconduct

A record breaking $44.7 million dollar verdict was awarded to a young man who suffered life-threatening and permanent injuries following an off-duty Chicago police officer’s service weapon discharging into the back of his head. Officer Patrick Kelly was found responsible for shooting the client and the City responsible for failing to investigate its officers and having no early warning system, thus perpetuating this officer’s reckless behavior. Kelly was found to be within the top 2-5% of Chicago police officers with the largest number of citizen complaints. This is the largest verdict ever returned in a police misconduct lawsuit involving the city of Chicago and in the state of Illinois.

$38,750,000 settlement – class action

An unprecedented $38.75 million settlement of a class action lawsuit against the City of Chicago was reached for violating its rules and the due process rights of motorists in issuing and collecting on notices for red light camera and speed camera violations. The settlement allows affected motorists to recover up to half of their original penalties, and requires that the City change its practices to comply with the requirements under its own municipal code, and do so going forward. Additionally, the City will deem the 1.5 million tickets at issue in the suit void, and restricts the City from further initiating collection actions, vehicle seizures, or otherwise enforcing the improper violation notices.

$30,000,000 settlement – medical malpractice.

A family was awarded $30 million dollars in a settlement reached with Mark J. Holterman, MD. and a Major Chicago Area Teaching Hospital after their son was left permanently disabled and brain injured as a result of 25 experimental surgeries. This is the fourth largest medical malpractice suit for a minor in the state of Illinois, and is the largest settlement for a child born with esophageal atresia in Illinois.

$22,300,000 verdict – medical malpractice

A Cook County jury awarded the parents of a ten-year-old boy with a tens of millions of dollars verdict in a medical negligence case arising out of the care and treatment on May 29, 1999 at Advocate Christ Medical Center/Hope Children’s Hospital, in the Chicago suburb of Oak Lawn. The negligence resulted in the loss of the boy’s left leg and other disabilities.

$17,600,000 verdict – police car chase

A police car chase on the expressway leaves a bystander with quadriplegia.

$5,550,000 settlement – construction accident

A female construction worker suffered incomplete paraplegia when a more than five foot trench collapsed on to her body.

$7,500,000 settlement – construction accident

As a result of an industrial accident, a 45-year-old boiler maker suffered crush injuries when an object fell on Plaintiff. His injuries included: A right orbital blow-out, multiple facial bone fractures, a thoracic burst fracture and multiple rib fractures.

$5,348,750 verdict – bus accident

A self-employed roofing contractor, who was heading home on the Dan Ryan expressway, suffered multiple injuries, including leg, pelvis and rib fractures, lung contusions, ruptured spleen and a mild brain injury, when his vehicle was cut off by a CTA bus, and he struck another bus which was stalled in the middle lane.

$4,850,000 settlement – brain injury – construction accident

A male carpenter sustained a traumatic brain injury, facial trauma and a torn rotator cuff among other injuries while working at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium when an improperly secured fish tank, weighing thousands of pounds, fell on him, pinning his head between the tank and a concrete wall. He needed two repair surgeries and subsequent rehabilitation and was unable to return to work. A construction company was found guilty of failing to provide proper protections to ensure the safety of the worker.

$4,000,000 settlement – medical malpractice

In a wrongful death case, the family of a 38-year-old man received restitution upon his untimely death following a post-surgical complication related to a routine gastric bypass surgery. A CT scan revealed a partially obstructed bowel but the hospital physicians failed to follow up. The man became septic and died.

$4,500,000 settlement – police shooting

In this wrongful death case filed against the city of Chicago, involved a shooting death of an unarmed man and the subsequent cover-up by the police department.

$4,000,000 settlement – premises liability

Wrongful death occurred while man was on premises of area retailer.

$3,850,000 settlement – construction accident – premises liability

An 85-year-old woman who survived the collapse of a supermarket roof received a record settlement for her injuries that included a traumatic brain injury, crushed right eye and fractures. This was the highest award on record for an accident involving a survivor over age 80.

$3,689,733 verdict – medical malpractice

In a record chiropractic malpractice verdict, a man suffered a sudden onset of paralysis from the chest down due to a growth in his thoracic spine which completely compromised his spinal cord. The chiropractor ignored x-rays of his lumbar spine which revealed this progressive, degenerative disease and performed chiropractic manipulations on that area of his back.

3,350,000 settlement – construction accident

A 50-year old male died as a result of an alleged failure to provide the worker with fall protection in an industrial accident. His family received a settlement for $3,350,000 plus a workers’ compensation lien waiver.

$3,350,000 settlement – work injury

A 50-year-old male, survived by his wife and two adult children, died in a fall at a job site in June of 2012. Allegedly, the defendant failed to provide fall protection equipment. The settlement was paid by a confidential insurer. A waiver of the workers’ comp lien was also secured.

$3,500,000 verdict – bus accident

A male, who was intoxicated at the time, suffered severe injuries to his left leg when he was knocked down and his leg run over by a bus. The bus driver violated standard CTA operating procedures by failing to maintain a three-foot clearance between the bus and the pedestrian.

$3,500,000 verdict – trucking accident

A truck driver fell and sustained brain injuries while exiting his semi-tractor cab. The trucking company owner had failed to replace a missing driver’s side safety grab bar, which the plaintiff contended would have prevented or lessened the severity of the fall.

$3,375,000 settlement – trucking accident

The plaintiff, a 36-year-old truck driver, was helping to unload steel off his truck, when his right hand and wrist were crushed by a load of steel after the straps from the crane broke. The defendant in the case was a steel company.
Appellate Court Ruling.

Appellate reverses trial court and reinstates wrongful death case against City of Peru, Illinois. A 14-year-old boy was killed while riding a dirt bike when his neck struck a cable. City workers had strung the cable neck high along a path owned by a railroad. The trial court ruled that the City was immune from prosecution and dismissed the case. The Appellate court reversed the ruling because the cable was not on the City’s property and they were not authorized to string the cable. The boy is survived by his parents and siblings.

$2,750,000 settlement – car accident

A 35-year-old male worker suffered aggravation of his prior spinal injury after being rear-ended by a semi-truck. Prior to the collision, plaintiff had undergone two spinal fusions. At the time of the subject collision, he was asymptomatic. As a result of the collision, plaintiff aggravated his prior back conditions and developed chronic pain syndrome. As a result of the chronic back pain, he has undergone three surgical procedures for a spinal cord stimulator, one temporary, one permanent, and one repair.

$3,000,000 settlement – medical negligence

Negligence Lawsuit Settled with Major Area Hospital: Lawsuit alleged negligence in Level 3 neonatal intensive care unit.

The complaint alleged physicians, nurses, and staff at the facility had failed to provide efforts and standard care reasonably expected for the treatment of the infant son of the plaintiff during and after he was admitted in June 2000, less than 24 hours after his birth.

$$2,600,000 settlement – medical malpractice – construction accident

A settlement was reached in the wrongful death suit of a Chicago-area family, whose devoted, hard-working, 50-year-old father suffered extreme burn injuries on the job. Upon experiencing severe injuries, the factory that he worked at as a temporary laborer would not call an ambulance and had a co-worker drive him to a clinic instead. The delay in treatment lead to respiratory failure, sepsis and multisystem organ failure that led to his untimely death. After protracted discovery, the family received a $2.6 million dollar settlement.

$2,500,000 settlement- motorcycle accident / brain injury

A motorcyclist lost control of his bike at an intersection, resulting in orthopedic injuries and a traumatic brain injury. Our investigation uncovered improper warning signals and raised manhole covers at the intersection.

$2,500,000 verdict – construction accident

The plaintiff, a 50-year-old Bosnian immigrant working as an iron worker, fell while on the job at a construction site. He suffered bi-lateral pelvic fractures and underwent surgery for the insertion of plates and screws to stabilize the pelvic rim.

$2,250,000 verdict – automobile accident

A 42-year-old man, who was stopped in his car, was rear-ended by a commercial truck, aggravating a pre-existing back condition.

$2,281,000 verdict – police brutality

An unarmed man was unlawfully shot by two police deputies and then tasered. We prosecuted the two deputies as well as the Sheriff for ratifying the shooting.

$2,500,000 settlement – construction accident

A certified elevator mechanic was working to install two elevators at a commercial construction project in downtown Lake Bluff, Illinois when the project manager ordered a change in the direction of the work. Subsequently he twisted his leg and tore the meniscus in his left knee while carrying a 20-foot long, 100-pound hydraulic pipe on his shoulder. The plaintiff underwent surgery to repair the meniscus and afterwards, developed complex regional pain syndrome in the leg – which he continues to receive treatment for to this day.

$2,500,000 settlement – construction accident (fall protection) – premises liability

A 20-year old window washer who suffered extensive injuries, including a below the knee amputation of his left leg, after falling 30 feet from a hospital roof where he was working in 2002, received a settlement. As part of the settlement, the window washer’s employer waived $500,000 of its workers’ compensation lien and agreed to fund the plaintiff’s future medical expenses, which will exceed $1 million, increasing the settlement value to more than $4 million.

$2,000,000 settlement – motor vehicle accident

In a wrongful death suit, a deliveryman’s decedents received compensation for his death, resulting when he was hit by a street sweeper’s vehicle as it improperly merged from a highway median.

$2,000,000 settlement – medical negligence

A 41-year-old female complaining of shortness of breath and chest pains that radiated from her chest wall, down the left arm and abdomen lost her life following a delayed diagnosis of an abdominal aortic aneurysm. She died while waiting to undergo surgery to repair the aortic dissection at University of Chicago Medical Center, after spending over eight hours in the hospital.

$2,000,000 settlement – sexual abuse

For a period of four months, a school bus operator was sexually abusing two 3-year-old special needs children while transporting them home from a school in Burr Ridge, IL. Allegedly, the bus was not equipped with any safety monitoring tools (e.g., video camera or GPS), allowing the driver to re-route the bus and make unscheduled stops to abuse the girls. Both victims sustained permanent psychological injuries requiring extensive counseling-and the abuse may negatively impact their social/emotional development later in life.

$1,900,000 settlement – pharmaceutical error

Prior to litigation commencing, the wife of a 50-year-old man received restitution upon her husband’s untimely death after he was a prescribed a lethal dosage of morphine. Her husband, who was recently given a good prognosis after finishing rounds of chemotherapy for treatment of his tongue cancer, died after being given six times the normal dosage of morphine by the pharmacy.

$1,750,000 settlement – brain injury / bus accident

A pedestrian suffered a traumatic brain injury when he was hit by a side-view mirror of a left-turning bus.

$1,516,000 settlement – bicycle accident

The plaintiff, a 10-year-old bicyclist, was struck by a school bus as she rode to school, causing her to fall and sustain fatal brain injuries.

$1,600,000 settlement – medical malpractice

A newborn baby suffered a brachial plexus injury during his birth, which caused permanent nerve damage, resulting in limited use of his left arm and hand. Allegedly, excessive traction was used during delivery.

$1,500,000 settlement – construction accident

While working at a construction site on Chicago’s North Michigan Avenue, our client – a 50-year-old male laborer – sustained a crushed leg when a stacker was improperly loaded onto a delivery truck. His leg became entangled in a loose cable, and the stacker rolled back, pulling the cable taut and causing numerous leg fractures.

$1,500,000 settlement – construction accident

While working on the Elevated Train Tracks downtown, our client, a laborer, fell 22-feet from the elevated train tracks to the ground causing serious injuries including multiple lacerations, a depressed right frontal skull fracture with underlying hematoma causing mass effect/pressure on adjacent brain tissue causing permanent encephalomalacic change in his right frontal lobe and permanent dead brain tissue, multiple lower and upper body fractures and a rotator cuff injury. As a result of his injuries, our client was hospitalized for approximately two weeks. Following his release, our client required 24 hour home nursing care for over a month, and required periodic home nursing care. Since the accident, he has undergone seven surgeries to treat his injuries, and will likely have to undergo future surgeries as a result of his injuries.

$1,477,000 verdict – construction accident

A union carpenter was on a job site and carrying a doorway header beam when the ladder he was on gave way. The beam caused a severe gash on his neck which required surgery. He tried to return to work but was bothered by persistent migraines, headaches, neck pain, ringing in ears and other injuries that left him permanently disabled. We successfully argued that the general contractor failed to remove inadequate, medium-duty ladders for the required work and that other safety requirements were not followed.

$1,450,000 settlement- automobile accident

Our client sustained career-ending shoulder injuries when the car he was driving was side-swiped by a light truck in a motor vehicle collision. The defendant’s insurance policy covered $1 million of the settlement, and the remainder was paid out of pocket by the defendant himself.

$1,300,000 settlement – trucking accident

A 24-year-old man’s vehicle was stalled on the expressway when he was rear-ended by a Coca Cola truck traveling at high speed. The family was compensated for the loss of the male head of household and breadwinner.

$1,385,000 settlement – auto accident / premises liability

A restaurant patron was struck and killed when a car driven by an 85-year-old man crashed through the window of a sandwich shop. We argued in court that the restaurant, part of a national chain, should have installed protective barriers in front of its parking lot spaces which directly faced the windows. The deceased man was survived by his parents and three sisters.

$1,250,000 settlement – medical malpractice

Our client died from inoperable prostate cancer as the result of a doctor’s failure to take a sufficient tissue sample during a biopsy. The doctor continued to rely on a negative test, despite the plaintiff’s persistence of high PSA levels.

$1,125,000 settlement – motor vehicle accident

In a wrongful death case, the family of a pregnant teenager received death benefits after she was struck and killed in the middle of the street by a speeding car. The 26-week-old fetus also did not survive. All insurance limits were exhausted in the case.

$1,000,000 settlement – medical malpractice.

Our client suffered a stroke as a result of the doctors’ failure to follow up with his transitory ischemic attacks. He is now permanently impaired.

$1,100,000 settlement – car accident (head-on car collision).

We represented the unrestrained passenger in the not-at-fault van in this car collision case.

$1,000,000 settlement – medical malpractice.

The family of a deceased man received a settlement of $1 million, arising out of the failure by his physician to perform a cystoscopy that would have diagnosed late-stage muscle invasive bladder cancer.

$1,100,000 settlement – police misconduct

In 2012, our client, the mother of a 22-year-old bipolar young man, had reached out to the Walworth County Police Department after her son had locked himself in his room with a knife. The young man, who had a long history of struggling with bipolar disorder and depression, should have been treated properly for his emotional state of distress. Rather treating him as a criminal, sheriff’s deputies hastily kicked in the boy’s door, shooting and killing him within a few minutes after arriving at his residence.

$1,100,000 settlement – motor vehicle

A 39-year-old female sustained an open-book pelvic fracture, a right intraarticular comminuted distal radius fracture with significant dorsal comminution, extremely sital fracture fragments, a concussion, a traumatic brain injury and other injuries as a result of being hit by the left-turning defendant while operating her motorcycle – which she had been licensed to do for twenty years. Our client claimed approximately $325,000 in past medical expenses and approximately $40,000 in past lost wages.

$1,000,000 settlement – premises liability

While attending a party on the roof tops of two buildings that were joined by a ramp, our client, a 19-year-old female was crossing over a Plexiglass covered shaft when the Plexiglass shattered and she fell two stories to the ground below, hitting the sides of the buildings as she fell. She sustained a shattered vertebrae, which caused paraplegia, and developed post-traumatic stress disorder.

$1,000,000 settlement – medical malpractice

While undergoing a minimally invasive transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (“TLIF”) surgery, our client’s SSEP neurological vitals dropped dramatically. Rather than removing the “cage”, which was designed and sold by the operating physician, or stopping surgery, he continued on. Following surgery, the 62-year-old registered nurse and mother of three grown children lost all feeling and use of her lower extremities and was diagnosed with foot drop. Her injuries have required extensive inpatient hospital treatment rehabilitation, pain management therapy and other medical treatment.

$950,000 settlement – police misconduct

In 2015, a City of Roosevelt, UT police officer responded to a call of a suicidal man with a gun. The 36-year-old male had escaped from a hospital, but had been cornered, and was pointing a gun at his own head – never threatening to harm anyone else. As our client was handing over the gun, the officer opened fire-discharging two bean bag rounds and a live third round, which killed him. Estate alleged excessive force claims under Section 1983.

$925,000 settlement – construction accident

A male HVAC worker sustained extensive injuries to his wrist, shoulder and ankle, which required a total of 13 surgeries, after falling from a hospital roof where he was working. As part of the settlement, the HVAC worker’s employer waived $787,452 of its workers’ compensation lien, increasing the settlement value to about $1.69 million.

$925,000 settlement – medical negligence

A dedicated 51-year-old electric worker and family man lost his life after his aortic dissection was allegedly not timely diagnosed by Ira Asher, MD and La Grange Memorial Hospital in La Grange, Illinois. According to the American Heart Association, aortic dissection is a life-threatening condition that occurs when blood leaks from the aorta. The leak is often caused by a tear in the inside wall of the aorta. The most common symptom of aortic dissection is sudden and severe chest pain or upper back pain. The mortality rate is as high as 80% if untreated, and increases 1-5% per hour over the first several hours, making early diagnosis and treatment critical for survival. His family received a settlement of $925,000.

$900,000 settlement – premises liability

As our client and his wife were crossing the street under the “el” tracks in Chicago’s Loop, a 16-foot-long piece of fiberglass angle guard, weighing approximately 25 pounds, fell from the track, striking the man in the occipital region of the head and the left shoulder, causing a traumatic brain injury and partial rotator cuff tear.

$900,000 settlement – medical malpractice

A 59-year-old woman died when her physician misdiagnosed the patient’s paralysis as Bell’s palsy when, in fact, she was suffering from a stroke.

$800,000 settlement – construction accident

A worker for Nicor Gas Company suffered injuries and traumatic arthritis due to an injury caused by an explosion resulting from an improperly marked gas line.

$775,000 settlement – automobile accident

The plaintiff was injured in a motor vehicle accident and suffered foot and ankle injuries resulting in multiple surgeries.

$750,000 settlement – nursing home negligence

While recovering from a stoke, a 73-year-old female developed decubitus ulcers to her spine, necessitating debridement and skin grafts.

$800,000 settlement – trucking accident

Our client, a truck driver, was driving eastbound on Interstate 70 near Greenfield, Indiana, when the left outside tire on his fifth axel blew out, causing him to pull off the road and exit the cab to address the emergency. Another truck driver – the defendant in the case – was also traveling eastbound on Interstate 70. As the defendant approached the disabled semi-tractor trailer, his vehicle drifted to the right, across the white fog line, striking our client and killing him instantly.

$790,000 settlement – medical malpractice

The plaintiff, a 51 year-old retired police officer, died of a heart attack as the result of the Defendant physicians failing to properly recognize the his cardiac conditions a month prior when complaining of chest pain. The defendants failed to put the plaintiff on appropriate medication which would have likely prevented his fatal heart attack.

$775,000 settlement – automobile accident

The plaintiff was injured in a motor vehicle accident and suffered foot and ankle injuries resulting in multiple surgeries.

$750,000 settlement – nursing home negligence

While recovering from a stoke, a 73-year-old female developed decubitus ulcers to her spine, necessitating debridement and skin grafts.

$700,000 settlement – wrongful death

A new mother lost her life following childbirth after experiencing postpartum hemorrhaging and suffering from an amniotic fluid embolism. In rendering their care and treatment of the patient, the physicians and a Chicago-area hospital failed properly and timely to recognize, diagnose, and treat the symptoms of amniotic fluid embolism; to properly monitor the patient’s post-partum condition; to properly communicate the patient’s medical care needs; to properly hand-off the medical care of the patient, and more which denied the patient from receiving the appropriate medical care.

$700,000 settlement – motor vehicle accident

A 57-year-old male and father of two children, lost his life while driving his 2016 Indian Roadmaster motorcycle with both CDL and M class licenses, when he was struck by the Defendant as he was turning left onto westbound Casey Road from northbound Route 21 in Libertyville, IL.

$690,661 settlement – pharmaceutical product liability

As part of a class action settlement paid for by Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A. Inc., the family of a male who was prescribed the drug Actos for treatment of diabetes in 2006, was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2010, and died in 2011 received restitution. Allegedly, Actos caused development of the bladder cancer, and the defendant manufacturer had failed to warn consumers of the risks associated with use of the drug.

$645,000 settlement – auto accident

Our client, a 22-year-old female pedestrian, was struck by a taxi while standing in front of a restaurant. She suffered a skull fracture, facial fractures, and other injuries resulting in vertigo, dizziness, post-concussion syndrome, hearing loss in both ears, insomnia and a left knee fracture which resulted in a bone graft and insertion of two screws.

$650,000 settlement – auto accident

Wrongful death occurred when plaintiff’s car was struck by an arrow board which was left too close to roadway.

$610,000 settlement – premises liability

In a wrongful death case, the family of a 14-year-old boy whose neck was broken in 2001 after running into a neck-high wire while riding his dirt bike, received a settlement.

$600,000 settlement – construction accident

A male laborer was repairing a cable that held netting around the upper floors of the Trump Tower project when wind snapped a steel hook holding the cable. The plaintiff’s jobsite-issued safety glasses did not fit properly, and allowed a piece of metal to penetrate his left eye. Despite surgeries, the plaintiff suffers from partial vision loss, double vision, and disfigurement.

$595,000 verdict – medical malpractice

A verdict was reached in favor of our plaintiff, who for nearly 10 years was treated for chronic mouth sores with biopsy, referrals to ENT specialists and oral surgeons, and prescription medications. Despite her presented symptoms of chronic ulcerations and lesions on her tongue, sores in her mouth and throat, and an ear infection to the defendant physician, it wasn’t until a biopsy was done that the plaintiff learned she had an advanced stage of mouth cancer, requiring several months of extensive radiation and chemotherapy. She suffered dental problems, an irradiated thyroid requiring medication, hair loss, burns to face and mouth, removal of a large portion of the tongue, fibromyalgia, pain, and other injuries as a result.

$525,000 verdict – medical malpractice

In July of 2000, our plaintiff, a 29-year-old male underwent a L4-5 laminectomy and posterior fusion for symptomatic and unstable spondylolisthesis. Despite an x-ray taken five months post-op which showed a fractured pedicle screw, which the defendant admitted he failed to see, the plaintiff was told the fusion was solid and was permitted to return to work. For 23 months, the plaintiff suffered excruciating pain in his back, which led to an evaluation by another physician who pointed out the fractured screw and failed fusion. He then returned to the original defendant who finally saw the broken screw and ordered a CT scan, which was negative for failed fusion. The plaintiff contended the defendant never diagnosed the failed fusion, permitted him to continue to work, freely prescribed narcotic pain medications including Vicodin, and allowed him to suffer until he saw another spinal surgeon, in 2006. That surgeon diagnosed the failed fusion and performed the needed fusion surgery five days later. While the plaintiff now has a solid two-level fusion, he cannot do heavy manual labor and is addicted to Vicodin; he is currently working as a waiter.

$525,000 settlement – medical malpractice

A 56-year-old female underwent micro discectomy surgery at Loyola University Medical Center to address an L2-L3 herniation. During the procedure, the plaintiff’s peroneal nerve was injured-allegedly due to improper positioning-and she sustained an undiagnosed intraoperative CSF leak. As a result, she suffered drop foot affecting her left leg, plus numbness/weakness in her lower extremities.

$500,000 verdict – nursing home liability

An elderly nursing home resident, undergoing rehabilitation following a stroke, fell and fractured his hip. He was taken to a local hospital for treatment of the fracture where he began early stages of skin breakdown. He was transferred to a nursing home, where, over six weeks, he became malnourished and dehydrated. Ultimately, he died. The nursing home and physician were found guilty of neglect.

$495,000 settlement – motorcycle accident

A 37-year-old motorcyclist was struck and killed instantly on a northern California freeway during morning rush hour when a taxi-van came to an abrupt stop, pushing him into another vehicle which caused him to be thrown from the bike. He was survived by a mother and brother.

$455,000 settlement – construction accident

Two construction workers were installing a traffic sign when they contacted “live” overhead ComEd power lines and suffered severe electric shocks. One worker sustained minor burns to his right foot, plus third-degree burns to his hands/fingers with significant soft-tissue loss, nerve injuries, tendon damage and scarring while the other also suffered third-degree burns to his right hand/fingers, left thumb, and left foot. Full workers’ comp lien waivers were also secured.

$437,500 settlement – medical malpractice

During surgery to remove a tumor from under the left arm of a 90-year-old patient, the axillary artery was transected and nerve damage was sustained – causing injuries which prevent the plaintiff from using her left arm and hand. The elderly patient further asserted that the tumor surgery was unnecessary because the risks associated with the procedure outweighed the potential benefits.

$425,000 verdict – auto accident

While driving his car, a 27-year-old graphic artist was hit and pinned in his car by a trailer which became detached from its truck. Our client sustained an inoperable lumbar disc herniation and suffered numerous other injuries including facial lacerations, numerous cracked teeth requiring repair and root canal work, post-concussion syndrome and post-traumatic stress disorder.

$375,000 settlement – work injury

While working as an elevator mechanic helper, our client was instructed by the elevator mechanic to go into the pit below the elevator to stop the counterweight of the elevator door – All without first making sure the counterweight was secured. The counterweight fell and struck our client in the right arm causing a mid-shaft radius fracture which required surgery. He was left with reduced range of motion of his arm, pain with its use, and lifting restrictions.

$345,000 settlement – medical malpractice

In 2010, our client, a 65-year-old wife, nurse and mother of two grown children suffered a cardiac arrest, as a result of medical malpractice, causing an anoxic brain injury. As a result of the malpractice, she sustained permanent and significant memory loss, can no longer carry out her activities of daily living with the same ease, and was never able to return back to work as an RN.

$325,000 settlement – nursing home negligence

The family of a 47-year old man received restitution upon his untimely death following a fall off the stairs of a nursing home. The man suffered multiple fractured ribs, left shoulder fracture, facial and skull fractures, wrist fractures, vertebrae fractures, multiple contusions, and closed head injuries, which caused his death.
Many other settlements are “confidential” and therefore not listed on this page.

$300,000 verdict – medical malpractice

After checking into Christ Advocate Medical Center in Oak Lawn, Illinois for cardiac bypass surgery in 2005, our client was suspected to have contracted Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), leaving him with a host of health issues including, bi-monthly episodes of leaking from his wound site and chronic chest pain following his debridement surgery where part of his mediastinum was shaved off in an attempt to rid him of the infectious disease. Notably, this verdict is the first against a hospital system in the state of Illinois in favor of a patient who contracted MRSA.

$300,000 settlement – premises liability

Our client, an over-the-road trucker, was a guest at the Carlton Inn Midway when he became injured following a shower. He had placed his foot on the toilet seat to dry his legs, while unbeknownst to him, the seat was loose and shifted, causing him to lose his balance and fall to the ground. As a result of the fall, our client sustained a neck and spinal injury, requiring surgical intervention, and resulting in ongoing numbness, pain.


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