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Tampa Trucking Accident Injuries

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Trucking is one of the most essential parts of the transportation industry. Trucks still reign supreme despite the growth and development of new transportation methods. However, because they are typically the most significant vehicle on the road amongst smaller cars and motorcycles, trucking accidents happen daily which can be catastrophic. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) most recent fatalities estimates, 5,601 fatal trucking accidents occurred in 2021. This is unfortunately a 20% increase from last year’s numbers. The critical difference between truck accidents and other accidents involving a vehicle is the factor of more damage due to the sheer...

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Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Symptoms

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Built in 1941 in Jacksonville, North Carolina, Camp Lejeune is a military training facility that is still an active Marine Corps Base today. However between 1953 and 1987 the marines and their families who resided on base were exposed to harmful chemicals in the water supply. Nearly one million marines and their families were poisoned with volatile organic compounds like trichlorethylene (a metal degreaser), perchloroethylene (a dry cleaning agent), benzene, and vinyl chloride. It is believed that the water at Camp Lejeune had concentrations of these volatile chemicals of up to 3400 times the levels permitted by safety standards. In 2010...

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Action Legal Group: Truck Accident Attorneys 

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Action Legal Group: Truck Accident Attorneys  Truck accidents often result in severe vehicle damage, personal injury, and sometimes, fatality. If you or a loved one has been injured in such a scenario, it is critically important to consult an experienced truck accident lawyer.  How Can A Truck Accident Attorney Help Truck accidents can be far more complex than those involving standard motor vehicles. This is primarily due to the involvement of trucking companies. Often, these companies conduct their investigations to pin the crash on the victim and absolve the truck driver they employ of fault. For this reason, it's vital that you avoid providing...

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CAMP LEJEUNE, NORTH CAROLINA, CONTAMINATED WATER LEGAL PROCEEDINGS. CONTACT OUR TEAM OF EXPERIENCED PERSONAL INJURY LAWYERS TODAY. Did you serve at or reside at Camp LeJeune for a minimum of 30 days from the summer of 1953 through the end of 1987? If you replied in the affirmative, you might qualify to receive monetary compensation due to contaminated drinking water. All Camp Lejeune tainted drinking water claims can include children who were in utero while a parent served on the military base. The Fort Lejeune water contamination was initially documented 40 years ago. However, military officials chose to ignore the harmful...

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Traumatic Brain Injuries After An Auto Accident

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The brain is extraordinarily delicate and needs extra care when avoiding injuries. The human brain has the same consistency as gelatin, so it’s not surprising how many kinds of brain injuries can happen. Even with the protection of your skull, the brain can still suffer from damaging injuries. Depending on what caused the incident, there are two types of injuries. Traumatic and Non-Traumatic Acquired. Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are caused by an external force that impacts the function of the brain. The most common causes of TBI are car accidents, physical assaults, sports-related accidents, and falls. Approximately 1.7 million traumatic brain...

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Tampa Personal Injury Definitions

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When potential clients receive a consultation for our Tampa personal injury lawyer, we are often asked about definitions of words that the general public may not be familiar with. Of course, you do not have to worry about many terms used by personal injury attorneys, but we have composed a list below of phrases you should familiarize yourself with after a Tampa car crash. Personal Injury Claim This civil action relates to the physical or mental harm the victim suffers because of the defendant's carelessness. These can be automobile accident-related, work-related, etc. Compensation Compensation is precisely how it sounds. It makes up for losses...

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Tips To Build A Strong Tampa Auto Accident Legal Case

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Every day, we see in the news or on social media that someone was in a severe Tampa car accident. Unfortunately, car accidents in Tampa are startlingly common. They typically happen due to the negligence of one or both drivers and can cause extensive damage to both the drivers and the vehicles. Filing a claim can be extraordinarily taxing without a Tampa auto accident attorney, especially when you struggle to recover from such a startling incident. Therefore, when you file your claim, you will want to ensure that you have built the most robust case possible to secure financial compensation to...

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Finding a Tampa Personal Injury Attorney

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Nearly 400,000 individuals in America file a personal injury claim every year. Out of those cases, roughly 4% ever actually reach court. The others will get resolved outside of court in a settlement. A settlement will happen through the legal representation of both parties. Because of this, it is extra essential to hire the best attorney for your case. So how exactly do you go about finding the right personal injury attorney? Here are five questions to ask an attorney to assist in making sure you find the right one for you. What’s your specialty? There are a lot of varying fields of...

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Train Accidents

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Available data documented by the website Statista indicates 862 rail fatalities in train accidents in 2019. This compares to 806 rail fatalities in 2018. Total deaths illustrate that a “small problem” involving a one 1/4-mile-long train composed of 100 to 173 cars is a big deal. The length and weight of the train mean that it may take this behemoth over 1 mile of train tracks for it to come to a complete stop once the engineer applies the emergency braking system. Even a minor incident involving a train can result in fatalities because trains are estimated to kill one person roughly...

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Have some questions? Hopefully, we have them answered.  Should I Talk to a Lawyer?  Yes. When in doubt, talk to a lawyer. Action Legal Group’s team will concentrate on your case by collaborating with experts, collecting evidence, and communicating and negotiating with the insurance company on your behalf. Action Legal Group has your back and wants you to focus on yourself and not the injury or accident. Our goal is to give you the utmost success, so one of our attorneys may take your case to trial to get the compensation you deserve.    How Are We Different? Action Legal Group puts its client's welfare...

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