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The Role of a Tampa Personal Injury Attorney After a Motorcycle Accident

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A Tampa personal injury attorney can be a valuable resource after a motorcycle accident, helping you navigate the legal process, protect your rights, and seek compensation for your injuries and losses. Here's how a personal injury attorney can assist you after a motorcycle accident: Legal Guidance: A personal injury attorney will provide legal advice and guidance throughout the process, ensuring that you make informed decisions. Investigating the Accident: Your attorney will investigate the motorcycle accident, gathering evidence such as accident reports, witness statements, and any available video footage. This investigation can help establish liability. Determining Liability: Establishing liability is a crucial aspect of a personal injury...

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It’s pretty easy (and aggravating) to tell when someone is driving a little too close to you, but how do you know if you’re the one that’s too close? The threshold of discomfort in tailgating fluctuates from person to person, but it doesn’t with the law. If a vehicle is following another very closely and causes an accident, they are at fault in the eyes of the law. This means they can be held liable for the damage caused to the other party. “Too close” isn’t exactly a static distance though. It depends on a lot of factors, including weather, your vehicle,...

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Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injuries

One of the most serious injuries one could suffer is injuries to the brain. Traumatic brain injuries, also known as TBIs, can have a long-lasting impact on your quality life. Major accidents like car wrecks are often responsible for TBIs, however a brain injury can be caused by an impact to your head. TBIs are not always apparent immediately, so it’s crucial to look for the signs following any head injury or impact.  What is a TBI? TBIs happen when the head or neck impact causes the brain to move violently. These injuries can also occur when an object penetrates the skull...

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Common Causes for Train Accidents

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There are a number of reasons why a train accident might happen. These can range from negligent drives at railroad crossings, to mechanical failures that keep safety measures in place. Either way, if you’ve found yourself in a train accident such as a derailment, it’s important to seek legal representation. Contact us today if you are looking for a Florida train derailment attorney. Each case is unique, however there are a number of common causes including: Human error Negligence Reckless drivers or pedestrians Speeding trains or cars Mechanical failure Defective tracks Unprotected railroad crossings Stalled cars on the track Suicides 1. Negligence Negligence...

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In an ideal and perfect world, nobody would need to be on the road during severe weather like storms or floods. Unfortunately, we live in a very imperfect and broken world, and an aspect to this means unsafe conditions can strike at any time while you are driving. Staying prepared and constantly refreshing your mind regarding best practices for driving in a flood or storm can be the difference between life and death.  How Do You Safely Drive Through Storm Conditions The ideal way to stay safe during a storm is to stay put until the weather passes and conditions become safer....

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How Florida is Dealing With Distracted Driving

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According to the most recent figures published by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, distracted driving accidents have risen. With this steady rise in accidents, one may question whether Florida is doing enough to prevent distracted driving. Is there more that can be done to lower the numbers? Distracted driving is any activity that pulls the driver’s focus away from operating the vehicle. The most known cause of distracted driving is mobile devices. However, there are tons of other ways a driver can become distracted, including: Eating and drinking Navigation systems Entertainment systems  Conversing with passengers These actions may...

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The Long Term Effects of a Concussion

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A concussion is a severe injury affecting the brain, also known as a traumatic brain injury (TBI). This is caused when the brain is shaken violently back and forth due to a jolt or blow to the head. Concussions are a common injury, especially in car accidents, slips, high-impact sports, and more. Due to being considered a mild TBI, many aren’t aware that they can come with long-term effects.  In most cases, concussions are not life-threatening, and symptoms disappear within a few weeks. However, there is always a possibility that long-term effects can develop over time. 10 to 20 percent of...

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Simply put, filing a lawsuit as part of the Camp Lejeune Justice Act will not hinder or change your monthly compensation through the VA. Filing a claim under the Camp Lejeune Justice Act not only gives you the opportunity to be compensated through the bill, but it will allow you to continue receiving compensation from your VA benefits. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs works side by side with the Camp Lejeune Justice Act, ensuring that you will receive higher compensation for the effects of the water toxins you have suffered. What is the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs disability benefits...

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Tampa Trucking Accident Injuries

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Trucking is one of the most essential parts of the transportation industry. Trucks still reign supreme despite the growth and development of new transportation methods. However, because they are typically the most significant vehicle on the road amongst smaller cars and motorcycles, trucking accidents happen daily which can be catastrophic. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) most recent fatalities estimates, 5,601 fatal trucking accidents occurred in 2021. This is unfortunately a 20% increase from last year’s numbers. The critical difference between truck accidents and other accidents involving a vehicle is the factor of more damage due to the sheer...

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Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Symptoms

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Built in 1941 in Jacksonville, North Carolina, Camp Lejeune is a military training facility that is still an active Marine Corps Base today. However between 1953 and 1987 the marines and their families who resided on base were exposed to harmful chemicals in the water supply. Nearly one million marines and their families were poisoned with volatile organic compounds like trichlorethylene (a metal degreaser), perchloroethylene (a dry cleaning agent), benzene, and vinyl chloride. It is believed that the water at Camp Lejeune had concentrations of these volatile chemicals of up to 3400 times the levels permitted by safety standards. In 2010...

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