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Action Legal Group Lawyers with Best Results

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Lawyers with Best Results

We Are A Law Firm That Gets Results

Over the years, the trusted partner attorneys who work with Action Legal Group have worked hard to earn the highest levels of excellence in their field. As our trusted partner attorneys have risen to the top, they have achieved fresh opportunities to grow and expand their ability to help others. Because of the wide scope of cases they have handled, their coveted experience in the courtroom, and the results they have achieved, our partner attorneys are being retained in higher profile cases as legal analysts. They are the best and we are not afraid to put all of their extensive resources to work for you.


We Demand Justice For Our Clients

We founded Action Legal Group for one reason and one reason only: to pull together elite partner attorneys in Washington DC, Illinois and Florida to help those in need. They have spent every moment of their careers striving to be better, learn more, and achieve the highest results for their clients. When you partner that with our fierce devotion to our clients and their families, we become a force to be reckoned with. You, our clients, are the reason we are here. We approach every case with the plan to go above and beyond for our clients. Let us stand up for you. Call us today for a free, confidential consultation.


Our Legal Experts In The News

Action Legal Group Attorneys are consistently recognized as among the best lawyers by their peers and prominent Attorney rating agencies including Super Lawyers, American Association for Justice, Leading Lawyers, Avvo, and others.


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Wrongfully Injured? You Need To Work With The Best.

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Are you dealing with a wrongful injury? This is not the time to bargain shop for an attorney. You should not settle for anything less than the best. Why would you want an untried or inexperienced attorney to handle something that could impact the rest of your life? Now is the time to secure the very best Washington DC, Florida or Illinois attorney possible to represent your interests. When you hire Action Legal Group, you do not just get an attorney. Hiring us gives you the power of elite partner personal injury law firms in major US cities. You have an entire team with a remarkable history of success working on your behalf.

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Helping Where It Counts. We Are The Law Firm That Will Oversee Your Case From Beginning To End.

If you or a loved one have been in an accident, that in and of itself is a stressful time. When a wrongful injury occurs, it adds a greater sense of urgency. Paperwork, reports, and bills all take on a deeper meaning. In this situation, even the smallest piece of information can become vitally important. Did you know that thorough preparation will result in most cases being settled by mutual agreement before a trial? We know that and it is why Action Legal Group partner attorneys prepare every claim as if it were going to trial. We have found that this strategy gives us a definitive advantage when negotiations start. If you are struggling with a wrongful injury, we offer a free, confidential consultation with our trusted partner attorneys in Washington DC, Illinois and Florida. We want to help you and your family. Give us a call today to see how we can help you.

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How Our Personal Injury Firm Can Help You

Action Legal Group trusted partner attorneys will fight for the rights of injured individuals and their family members. We seek to go above and beyond to help clients maximize the potential recovery in the following types of cases:

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