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Tampa Personal Injury Definitions

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Tampa Personal Injury Definitions

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When potential clients receive a consultation for our Tampa personal injury lawyer, we are often asked about definitions of words that the general public may not be familiar with. Of course, you do not have to worry about many terms used by personal injury attorneys, but we have composed a list below of phrases you should familiarize yourself with after a Tampa car crash.

Personal Injury Claim

This civil action relates to the physical or mental harm the victim suffers because of the defendant’s carelessness. These can be automobile accident-related, work-related, etc.


Compensation is precisely how it sounds. It makes up for losses caused by the incident. An example would be payment to an injured worker or their dependents in a worker’s comp case.


Liability is an obligation, usually involving payment of monetary damages, that someone is bound to by law.


Simply put, negligence is carelessness. In civil law, negligence is when an individual’s conduct does not meet the standards of care previously established. This lack of maintenance can result in unreasonable harm, injury, and even death risks. Examples of this can be leaving small children home alone for long periods before they are at an age where they are self-sufficient. Or not providing a senior or disabled adult with the medication and attention they need to survive.

Personal Injury

This specifically refers to the emotional, financial, and physical injuries caused by others and their carelessness. These cases aren’t considered criminal lawsuits but are classified as civil torts. Fall, tripping, and car accidents resulting in injury are among the most common personal injuries.

We hope that this clarifies these terms for you and assists you in any potential case you may have in the future. If you are seeking a Tampa personal injury lawyer, contact us today.

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