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The Alarming Statistics of Police Misconduct and Brutality

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The Alarming Statistics of Police Misconduct and Brutality


The Alarming Statistics of Police Misconduct and Brutality

Law enforcement work is a difficult and life-threatening job, with extremely high levels of stress. The majority of police officers are honest and committed to upholding the civil rights and liberties as guaranteed by the supreme law of the United States – the United States Constitution. The sacrifices made by law enforcement officers on our behalf are often under-appreciated and unnoticed.

Our communities depend on good and ethical police officers, and a vast majority of us support their efforts. Unfortunately, abuse of power and violation of our trust does happen. Even just one case of police brutality is one too many, and sadly there are far more instances as evidenced by these statistics:

84% of police officers have stated in a recent survey that they have directly witnessed a fellow officer using more force than was necessary. (US Department of Justice)
The estimated cost of police brutality incidents in the United States is $1.8billion. (Cop Crisis)
52% of police officers report that it is not unusual for law enforcement officials to turn a blind eye to the improper conduct of other officers. (US Department of Justice)
61% of police officers state they do not always report serious abuse that has been directly observed by fellow officers. (US Department of Justice)
43% of police offers agree with this sentiment: “Always following the rules is not compatible with the need to get their job done.” (US Department of Justice)
The second most common form of police misconduct is sexual assault. (Cato Institute/US Department of Justice)

We place enormous trust in our law enforcement officers, and if that trust is violated, you, as a victim, have the right to pursue justice and seek compensation. At Action Legal Group we understand the consequences of police misconduct or brutality can be overwhelming emotionally, physically and financially, and we will be with you every step of the way.

Please contact Action Legal Group if you are a victim of police brutality or mistreated while in police custody. We will listen to your story with a free, no-obligation and confidential consultation, and will advise you how best to proceed with your claim.

The lawyers at Action Legal Group have the experience and skills to help you, and have successfully represented victims of police misconduct or brutality in court. Call Action Legal Group today for a free consultation.

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